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Tactical Shooter
Kanalname Tactical Shooter
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Colonel RPG
Kanalname Colonel RPG
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Kanalbeschreibung I'm an avid gamer, particularly fond of role-playing games for PC. My channel is all about playing RPGs and sharing the experience with everyone! Welcome :) I've been publishing videos since May 2015, and I've been having an absolute blast! :D Be sure to check out my Patreon [ https://www.patreon.com/colonelrpg ] and my Twitch channel as well! [ http://www.twitch.tv/colonelrpg ]   Q: Will you take requests or suggestions? A: I'm glad to hear your suggestions and reply to your questions too, so feel free to chip in.   Q: What are your favorite games? A: The Age of Decadence, Fallout (the originals) and Arcanum. I play a lot of different stuff though, from Counter Strike to The Sims. Despite my preference for RPGs.   Q: What games will you play? A: PC role-playing games, mostly. I may play other kinds of games, but definitely PC.   Q: Where are you from? A: Portugal! Please excuse my accent and stuttering every now and then :P   Q: How can I contact you? A: Check the email bellow :)
Peacemaker zockt
Kanalname Peacemaker zockt
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Kanalbeschreibung Ziegischer Let's Player. Whovian. Böse. Bier. Katzenliebhaber Auf dem Kanal findet ihr hauptsächlich Projekte zu den Genres, die mir am meisten Spaß machen: Adventures, Shooter und Rollenspiele. Aber es sind auch mal Together-Projekte oder andere Spiele mit dabei. Von klassischen Retro-Spielen bis hin zu aktuellen Neuerscheinungen ist alles vertreten. Dabei lege ich großen Wert auf die unzensierten Versionen der Spiele, die dann auch entsprechend mit "Uncut" markiert sind.. Aktuelles System: Intel Xeon 1231v3, 4x 3.40GHz ● 16GB, DDR3-1600 RAM ● Gainward GeForce GTX 1070 Phoenix, 8GB GDDR5
Kanalname TobinatorLetsPlay
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Kanalbeschreibung Herzlich willkommen auf meinem YouTube-Kanal. Hier gibts alles was das Herz begehrt. VLOGs, Unboxings, Let's Plays und (auf Twitch) auch Live Streams. Außerdem probieren wir uns des Öfteren an neuen Formaten, wie beispielsweise redaktionelle Reviews oder Monatsvorschauen (Releaselisten) in Videoform. Bleib ein weilchen und hör zu, wie ein weiser Mann einst zu sagen pflegte. Ick freue mir über jeden, der das befolgt. :D KAMERA & CONTENT MANAGERIN: Alina Fischer __________________________________________________________________________________________________ ZUSCHRIFTEN AN: GODS OF GAMING GmbH z.Hd. Imperator Tobinator Kranhaus 1 Im Zollhafen 18 50678 Köln __________________________________________________________________________________________________
Kanalname Bormac
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Kanalbeschreibung So, I guess it is time I update this. I've been at it for quite awhile now. So, what is this channel about? Well, obviously Let's Plays. Just my nerdy little hobby that you, my very cool viewers seem to enjoy watching. Something I am quite grateful for! You guys have become a big part of my life. I've enjoyed these years of sharing my oddball sense of humor with each and every one of you. Comments, I am grateful for and I make an effort to reply to each and every one of them. Anyway, new people. What can you expect from me? Sarcasm and lame jokes. Me experiencing frustration and annoyance, as the games provide them. And..hopefully some genuinely good moments as well. Well, I guess that'll do. You all take care. : }
Kanalname Troplay
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Kanalbeschreibung Ich wünsche Euch viel Spaß auf diesem Kanal. Jeden Tag neue Videos. Es wird immer genügend Videos geben. Ich lege mich auf keine Konsole oder Genre fest. Wichtig ist mir, dass Ihr Spaß habt meine Let's Plays zu schauen und über Kritik freue ich sogar sehr, denn nur so kann ich es besser machen. Zu meiner Person: Bin 36 Jahre alt und ein Zocker seit ich nicht mehr in die Windeln mache. Angefangen mit einem Atari und C64 ist mir weiterhin der Spaß am Spielen wichtig. Also habt mit mir Spaß. Danke für Eure Unterstützung. !!! "Dieser Let's Play Kanal wird nicht von Nintendo unterstützt" !!! Impressum Marcial Giesemann Von-Galen-Str. 174 41236 Mönchengladbach
Mark Liotta
Kanalname Mark Liotta
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Kanalbeschreibung Welcome to my channel. I do pick up videos, gameplays, and reviews. I do have some rules, however, and they go something like this: 1) Comments are allowed on my videos, as long as they're not rude. Any rude comments will be deleted and the user or users responsible for the rude comments will be blocked. 2) Absolutely NO trolls allowed. 3) I'll be happy to accept requests; however, I will only take one request at a time. 4) No dictating to me when I upload my videos. 5) Enjoy what I have. That is all.
Dota 2 Pro
Kanalname Dota 2 Pro
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Kanalbeschreibung Dota 2 Pro All Professional DotA 2 players gameplay, playing on Ranked Matchmaking (MMR) or Tournament League. You can learn how to play like a pro :)
Kanalname raocow
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Kanalbeschreibung Video games? THEY EXIST?!?! "Hey! Raocow! Why don't you make playlists! I hate you and a pox on your mailman!" http://www.raocow.com OR, if you are a philistine/break dancing robot http://www.youtube.com/user/Raolists
Khaos Gaming
Kanalname Khaos Gaming
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Kanalbeschreibung Pacific Northwest Video Game tournaments. Focused mostly on Fighting Games, this channel will also include things like replays, podcasts, interviews and even play throughs! Under NO circumstances will anyone take any videos and reupload them to their own channel WITHOUT explicit written approval to do so. By reuploading videos from this channel, without prior permission, you agree to suffer whatever consequences YouTube, and its affiliates, deem necessary.