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Kanalbeschreibung Herzlich willkommen bei Burning-Gamers.de! Eine ganze Welt aus vielen Simulationen - genau diese findest Du auf unserem YouTube-Kanal! Verfolge spannende Let's Plays, in denen der Spielspaß an erster Stelle steht. Teile uns Deine Meinung zu den Videos und Spielen mit und nehme an coolen Projekten teil. ► TeamSpeak 3-Server: ts.burning-gamers.de Wir freuen uns auf Deinen Besuch! Das Burning-Gamers.de-Team ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Inhaber dieses YouTube-Kanals: Werner Dirr Postfach 0219 6010 Innsbruck Österreich Telefon: 0043 664 656 2663 E-Mail: youtube@burning-gamers.de
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Kanalbeschreibung Welcome to my channel. I record primarily Let's Plays now,although I used to record silent playthroughs of games,which can still be found in my Playlists. I'm currently working on redoing all the games I had previously recorded so that the quality will be significantly improved. This process will take a very long time,but I believe it'll be worth it. Hope you enjoy what I have!
Segata Ichigo, The Tenkaichi
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Kanalbeschreibung Underrated Games is the home of video games that fall under the radar of the video game universe. Where there are lesser known games, that's where I'll be, playing them and promote a new awareness for gamers of every generation. The LPs provided here are for entertainment and NOT for skill, so leave your expectations outside, kick back and chill! What's there to say about me? Well I'm a casual gamer just mainly having fun with what I play, no matter what. I'm also an accomplished author and entrepreneur. This channel is also dedicated to my mother... Currently working on (for 2018/19): Hokuto ga Gotoku Ryu ga Gotoku 0 Toukiden Kiwami Shining Force Neo Shining in the Darkness Princess Minerva Clannad Evolution: The World of Sacred Device Shuffle! The Punisher (2003) * * * MSX is added to the Chest of Obscurity (*Weekend LPs*) PS1, PS2, PS4, Dreamcast, Gamecube are to the list. Newly added: MSX PSN: RiderTenkai114
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Kanalbeschreibung Deutschlands beste Let's Plays zu Card Games, Strategie und Indie. Servus, ich bin WujiGames, kurz Wuji, und heiße Dich herzlich willkommen auf meinem Kanal. Nimm Dir doch ein paar Minuten Zeit und stöbere unter meinen Playlists ein bisschen. Vielleicht findest Du etwas, das dich interessiert. Mein Kanal ist auf Online Kartenspiele, wie Hearthstone, Magic oder Hex, spezialisiert. Jedoch interessieren mich auch andere Spiele, insbesondere mit Strategie-Eigenschaften und guter Geschichte. Bei gelegentlichen Tests von Spielen bin ich absolut flexibel und offen bei der Genre Wahl. Zum Beispiel, bei der Serie "Ein Herz für Indie-Spiele" zeige ich Euch nahezu alles was mir in die Finger gerät, ob Spitzenspiel oder Reinfall. Sooo, nun wünsche ich Dir noch viel Spaß auf YouTube und falls Dir meine Videos gefallen, entscheidest Du Dich eventuell zu einem Abo, um Teil einer tollen Community zu werden.
Colonel RPG
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Kanalbeschreibung I'm an avid gamer, particularly fond of role-playing games for PC. My channel is all about playing RPGs and sharing the experience with everyone! Welcome :) I've been publishing videos since May 2015, and I've been having an absolute blast! :D Be sure to check out my Patreon [ https://www.patreon.com/colonelrpg ] and my Twitch channel as well! [ http://www.twitch.tv/colonelrpg ]   Q: Will you take requests or suggestions? A: I'm glad to hear your suggestions and reply to your questions too, so feel free to chip in.   Q: What are your favorite games? A: The Age of Decadence, Fallout (the originals) and Arcanum. I play a lot of different stuff though, from Counter Strike to The Sims. Despite my preference for RPGs.   Q: What games will you play? A: PC role-playing games, mostly. I may play other kinds of games, but definitely PC.   Q: Where are you from? A: Portugal! Please excuse my accent and stuttering every now and then :P   Q: How can I contact you? A: Check the email bellow :)
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Kanalbeschreibung Welcome to my channel! I love playing Minecraft, Fortnite and a bunch of other games. My goal is to have as much fun as possible and provide entertaining videos for everyone! I hope you all enjoy! Gaming: http://www.youtube.com/JeromeACE Roleplaying/Animation: http://www.youtube.com/JeromeRPG IRL: http://www.youtube.com/Jerome My Minecraft Username is JeromeASF - Jerome Aceti Business email for serious inquires only - Business@JeromeAceti.com
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Kanalbeschreibung Me doing Let's Plays of games of my past as well as other video games, old and new. Current Schedule: Main LP 1 - New Let's Play Starting Monday! (Mon/Wed/Fri) Main LP 2 - BG 2 EE (Tues/Thurs/Sat) Replay Sunday - Action 52 (Geneis) (3 videos Sunday) PnP - Call and Cthulhu Paypal Donations for the Avatar's funds are sent to here: spuntymcgoo@yahoo.com Or to Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/kikoskia Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/193788357305266/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/Kikoskia Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/X2YUmPh Icon by the awesome Alienkabalien. See more of her spiffy art here! http://alienkabalien.co.nr/ Flaming, trolling, spamming and general misbehavior on any part of my channel - front page comments, PM or channel comments - is not tolerated. Such posters will be blocked. All characters and games are trademark and copyright to those who own said copyrights and trademarks. This channel is part of the Machinima network.
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Kanalbeschreibung I'm a gamer through and through. I have been gaming since I was a young runt on my dad's old Commodore 64. Now, by no means was it the first game system ever, but it does date me a bit. My hardware is fairly solid, finally, and I'll do my best to bring you an interesting take on any and all content I can. I'm a huge fan of strategy games, action games, RPG's, not to mention Dota 2 and TONS more. I've found "Let's Plays" to be an awesome way to find out if a game is worth buying or to see a game played out that I won't end up getting. They have helped me get through tough spots I was stuck on and just provide entertainment. My hope is that I can bring some of those same things to you. I'm a gamer at heart and I will game regardless, why not share? I'm also an aspiring Voice Actor & starting to pursue that as well. :D ***NOTE TO DEVELOPERS*** Please always be aware of potential scammers, copy and paste my e-mail from below if you plan to contact me. Please don't just Reply!
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Kanalbeschreibung I play games. Badly. New videos every day! If you have an interview request, a business inquiry, or you're a developer who wants to have your game featured on the channel, feel free to email me at any time! Lost Initiative Show - http://www.twitch.tv/lostinitiativeshow E-mail: mathasgames[at]gmail.com Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/mathasgames If you are a viewer who has a question, please don't e-mail me! Join me on twitter, it makes life much easier for the both of us! COMPUTER AND RECORDING SPECS GTX 980ti Intel i7-4770K 16GB RAM Recording Software: Fraps or Shadowplay to record Adobe Premiere for editing/rendering UXKPNP