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Kanalbeschreibung I play games. Badly. New videos every day! If you have an interview request, a business inquiry, or you're a developer who wants to have your game featured on the channel, feel free to email me at any time! Lost Initiative Show - http://www.twitch.tv/lostinitiativeshow E-mail: mathasgames[at]gmail.com Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/mathasgames If you are a viewer who has a question, please don't e-mail me! Join me on twitter, it makes life much easier for the both of us! COMPUTER AND RECORDING SPECS GTX 980ti Intel i7-4770K 16GB RAM Recording Software: Fraps or Shadowplay to record Adobe Premiere for editing/rendering
Kanalname Kenshin1913
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Kanalbeschreibung Please check out the playlist section to see the games I have already Let's Played. I have two rules for leaving comments on videos. Any violation of these rules and the comments will be deleted. 1. Negative/Trolling comments WILL be deleted and the user will be blocked. If you don't have something nice to say don't say anything at all. 2. Don't leave major spoilers in the comment section. I do NOT Sub for Sub! Also I am in a comedy group called KR47 and we do some off color humor videos and animations. Check us out.
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Kanalbeschreibung I'm a gamer through and through. I have been gaming since I was a young runt on my dad's old Commodore 64. Now, by no means was it the first game system ever, but it does date me a bit. My hardware is fairly solid, finally, and I'll do my best to bring you an interesting take on any and all content I can. I'm a huge fan of strategy games, action games, RPG's, not to mention Dota 2 and TONS more. I've found "Let's Plays" to be an awesome way to find out if a game is worth buying or to see a game played out that I won't end up getting. They have helped me get through tough spots I was stuck on and just provide entertainment. My hope is that I can bring some of those same things to you. I'm a gamer at heart and I will game regardless, why not share? I'm also an aspiring Voice Actor & starting to pursue that as well. :D ***NOTE TO DEVELOPERS*** Please always be aware of potential scammers, copy and paste my e-mail from below if you plan to contact me. Please don't just Reply!
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Kanalbeschreibung Heya folks, the name's Palnai and I'm from the little green country called Ireland. Be sure to check the playlists tab and on the last updated playlists, via the list on the upper right of said tab, as at least on my end some videos are hidden otherwise. I upload some videos well in advance and YouTube seems to glitch out somewhat and videos don't appear correctly, at least to me. I'm palanai over on Reddit. Check out the Awesome Crew subreddit! (Link below, click ''Reddit'')
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Kanalbeschreibung A veces pienso que un bicho vive en mi panza y por eso no puedo parar de zampar. ▬▬▬▬▬ Apoyo al canal ▬▬▬▬▬ ? Si estás pensando en UNIRTE es que me quieres mucho, me siento muy halagado. Las ventajas de ser un MIEMBRO DEL CANAL son: - Chatea en el modo "solo para suscriptores" - Emblemas exclusivos - Iconos exclusivos - Cuando haga partidas con seguidores tendréis prioridad Únete aquí: https://goo.gl/mkYia3 ? Si quieres ayudar económicamente al canal pero no tienes un duro, esta es la mejor opción. Solo con descargar una app y probarla me estarás donando dinero, ¿fácil verdad?: https://goo.gl/JAnviV ? PATREON! Ayuda al canal a seguir adelante: https://goo.gl/bUzLMJ ▬▬▬▬▬ Redes Sociales ▬▬▬▬▬ Twitter: https://goo.gl/bSqNqu Instagram: https://goo.gl/YwpSru Facebook: https://goo.gl/I8fMGb Twitch: https://goo.gl/wzQ4uP
Colonel RPG
Kanalname Colonel RPG
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Kanalbeschreibung I'm an avid gamer, particularly fond of role-playing games for PC. My channel is all about playing RPGs and sharing the experience with everyone! Welcome :) I've been publishing videos since May 2015, and I've been having an absolute blast! :D Be sure to check out my Patreon [ https://www.patreon.com/colonelrpg ] and my Twitch channel as well! [ http://www.twitch.tv/colonelrpg ]   Q: Will you take requests or suggestions? A: I'm glad to hear your suggestions and reply to your questions too, so feel free to chip in.   Q: What are your favorite games? A: The Age of Decadence, Fallout (the originals) and Arcanum. I play a lot of different stuff though, from Counter Strike to The Sims. Despite my preference for RPGs.   Q: What games will you play? A: PC role-playing games, mostly. I may play other kinds of games, but definitely PC.   Q: Where are you from? A: Portugal! Please excuse my accent and stuttering every now and then :P   Q: How can I contact you? A: Check the email bellow :)
Mister Moerp
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Kanalbeschreibung Hallo lieber zuschauender Mensch, ich grüße dich! Hier sollte eigentlich meine Vorstellung stehen, aber dank des DSGVO bzw. des BDSG steht hier nun meine Datenschutzerklärung: Ich weise darauf hin, dass Google die Daten der Zuschauer erfasst und verarbeitet. In welcher Form oder Umfang dies geschieht ist für mich als Videoproduzent und Nutzer der Plattform nicht ersichtlich. Darum verweise ich hiermit auf die Datenschutzregelung von Youtube/Google: https://policies.google.com/privacy?hl=de Dr. Sebastian Gaugele Tannenbergstraße 2 73054 Eislingen/Fils Email: moerp@gmx.de
Lets Play Better!
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Kanalbeschreibung Hallo Leute, und herzlich willkommen bei Let's Play Better! Was ist Let's Play Better? Ein Gemeinschaftskanal, auf dem Ryo und Chris neue und alte Games für euch zocken. Neue Videos gibt's dabei jetzt täglich! Zur Zeit heißt das: Montag, Mittwoch, Freitag: 16:00 Graveyard Keeper 19:00 Skyrim 22:00 Doom 3 Dienstag, Donnerstag, Samstag: 16:00 Graveyard Keeper 19:00 This is the Police 2 22:00 Doom 3 So: 15:00 Grim Tales 7: Die Farbe des Grauens 16:00 Graveyard Keeper 17:00 The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim 19:00 Devil May Cry 4 21:00 The Darkest Dungeon 22:00 Doom 3 COMING SOON: Darksiders Resident Evil 2 Remake Bedingt durch die Arbeit kann es im Moment vorkommen, dass bestimmte Projekte mal ein, zwei Tage aussetzen
Rahmschnitzel | Let's Play
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Kanalbeschreibung Let's Plays, Gaming-Content und Vlogs. Handgeklopft von einem Schnitzel. Schaut euch in den Playlists um, da findet ihr alle Videos in praktischen Übersichten. Andere Stellen, um mich zu finden: Gaming-Livestreams auf: https://www.twitch.tv/Rahmschnitzel Musik auf: https://www.youtube.com/user/RahmschnitzelZeug Bildgeschwurbel auf: http://rahmschnitzel.deviantart.com/ __________________________________ Impressum Mirko Scheffler, RahmschnitzLP c/o Webedia Gaming GmbH allyance Cuvrystr. 3-4 10997 Berlin E-Mail: impressum@jointheallyance.de Telefon: +49 (0) 89 244 136 705 Web: www.jointheallyance.de Inhaltlich Verantwortlicher gemäß § 5 TMG: Mirko Scheffler
Kanalname BlackDragon
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Kanalbeschreibung Een nuchtere Let's Player uit Overijssel, die upload voor zijn plezier! Ik speel de nieuwste games voornamelijk op de PS4 Pro en soms op de Xbox One. Dagelijks upload ik 2 video's, om 14:00 en 16:00, beide zijn rond de 20 tot 30 minuten lang en altijd in 1080p 60fps. Als series afgelopen zijn en er geen nieuwe games uitkomen, dan stream ik elke dag op YouTube. De middagstream begint tussen 14:00 / 14:30 en loopt door tot 16:30 / 17:00. De avondstream begint tussen 19:00 / 19:30 en loopt door tot 21:30 / 22:00.